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njoy Herbert's fine cooking and products any time, any place! In addition to the special products listed here, you may purchase any Menu items.

Just call to place your order, and we’ll ship to your door. Or pick up your order at our Blieblierville kitchen.

Shipping cost & sales tax will be added to all applicable orders.



Herbert’s Sausage
Made by Jerrel, who starts with only the freshest ground beef and pork, seasons it just right, and processes it using natural casings.

Many folks say it’s the best sausage they’ve ever eaten. We sell it by the pound in links or ropes.

Smoked: $6.95 /lb.
Dried: $8.95 /lb.
Fresh: Call for price

Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Fine Texas Products

Herbert's BBQ Sauce
Made from our secret family recipe. Thick and tasty. Enjoyed by thousands of folks since we introduced it in 1972.

1 Pint Glass Jar: $4.95 each
10 or more jars: $4.00 each


B&B Charcoal

B&B Charcoal
Many folks who prefer to do their own cooking look to us for tips on getting the best results. B&B charcoal is Herbert’s choice, because it burns better and has no additives.

Charcoal comes in 10 pound bags for $8.95
Choose Mesquite or Oak flavor.


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